2023 Workshop on JUNCTIONS: Japan-US Network for Clean energy Technologies Involving Oriented Nanotubes

Here we celebrate the start of the PIRE-JUNCTION project, which is supported by the NSF, US, and the JSPS, Japan. The “PIRE-JUNCTION” is “Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE)” -“Japan-US Network for Clean Energy Technologies Involving Oriented Nanotubes (JUNCTION)”. In this project, we will advance clean energy science and technologies using nanotubes and nanomaterials through various joint researches between US and Japan.

The project title is "JUNCTION". We put two meanings on the term of “JUNCTION". One is the“JUNCTION” for the US and Japanese scientists to facilitate collaboration research and education, and the other is the “JUNCTION”of nanotubes, 2D materials, and nano-materials where we have our scientific and technological interest. Here we organize the kick-off workshop of this JUNCTION program. This workshop is intended to provide a forum for discussing science, measurement techniques, and applications relating the subject of “JUNCTION”. We wish the workshop can work as a JUNCTION to facilitate active collaborations among US-Japan researchers.

Kazuhiro Yanagi (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.), Ikufumi Katayama (Yokohama National Univ.)






Time table

Start End   Presenter Institute Title of talk Chair
9:55 10:00 Opening Kazuhiro Yanagi & Geoff Wehmeyer      
10:00 10:25 J1 Kazuhiro Yanagi Tokyo Metropolitan Univ. Thermoelectrics at controlled nanotube and 2D interfaces WG
10:25 10:50 U1 Weilu Gao Univ. Utah Controlled optical chirality in macroscopic assemblies of carbon nanotubes KY
10:50 11:15 J2 Yuhei Miyauchi Kyoto Univ. Photophysics and chemistry of carbon nanotubes at high temperatures  JK
11:15 11:40 U2 Junichiro Kono Rice Univ. DC and AC Electronic Transport in Carbon Nanotube Networks YM
13:00 13:15 Sponsor Session
13:15 13:40 Invited Shigeo Maruyama Univ. Tokyo Optical Properties and Device Applications of 1D vdw Heterostructures Based on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes KY
13:40 14:05 U3 Matteo Pasquali Rice Univ. TBA IK
14:05 14:30 J3 Ikufumi Katayama Yokohama Nat. Univ. Towards investigation of nanoscale thermal dynamics using terahertz scanning tunneling microscopes MP
14:30 15:55 J4 Motoaki Bamba Yokohama Nat. Univ. Theory of exciton-polaritons in carbon nanotube microcavity VP
14:55 15:20 U4 Vasili Perebeinos Univ. Buffalo. Modeling of electronic, optical, and thermal properties of low-dimensional materials MB
15:30 15:55 Invited Hiroki Ago Kyushu Univ. Science of 2.5-Dimensional Materials: Controlled Growth, Integration, and
Applications of 2D Materials
15:55 16:20 J5 Kazunari Matsuda Kyoto Univ. Optical science in nanocarbon and artificial atomically thin materials MP
16:20 16:45 U5 Geoff Wehmeyer Rice Univ. Aspect-ratio dependent thermal conductivity and diffusivity in aligned carbon nanotube fibers KM
16:45 17:10 J6 Junichiro Shiomi Univ. Tokyo TBA GW
17:10 17:35 Invited Satoshi Yamazaki Furukawa Electric Co. Structural analysis of carbon nanotube wires at different hierarchical levels KY
17:35 18:00 U6 Naoko Ozaki Rice Univ. TBA KY
18:00   Closing Riichiro Saito     KY

Banquet (only for PIs, invited speakers, and their accompanies. For participants, who want to join the banquet, please make contact with the Japan office of this PIRE program ): 19:00~ Jukeihanten Shinkan (3F) @Yokohama ChinaTown
3F, Rose-hotel Yokohama, 77 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama


Jyobun Hall, Yokohama Media and Communications center (7F)
7th FL, Yokohama Media and Communications Center, 11 Nihon-odori, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0021, Japan

情文ホール 横浜情報文化センター(7F)


Registration deadline: Please make registration by the 19th May

Registration fee

Students/Academic: free
Non-Academic: 20,000 yen
(Payment at the on-site reception)