News & Topics

  • 21th May-28th May,
    PIRE “JUNCTION” Kick-off week

    21th (Sun), Site-visit , Shiomi Lab in the Univ. of Tokyo

    22th May
    Kick-off workshop
  • 23rd (Tue), Site-visit , Matsuda Lab & Miyauchi Lab in Uji campus, Kyoto University

    25th July-30th July,
    PIRE US Site Visit and research meeting at Rice University

About us

The goal of this project is to build international collaborations (JUNCTIONs) between Japanese and US researchers leveraging the unique properties of macroscopic materials made from oriented carbon nanotubes (CNTs). The title of this project “JUNCTION” means the following two aspects: (1) JUNCTION for the promotion of new research collaboration and international exchanges. (2) JUNCTION for the promotion of science on the interfaces and junctions of nanomaterials and nanosystems. Through this JUNCTION project, we promote international research, education and science.

Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE)
JUNCTION: Japan-US Network for Clean Energy Technologies Involving Oriented Nanotubes
TEL:+81-42-677-2494 MAIL:
Department of Physics, Tokyo Metropolitan University